Blood Tests

We run a Walk-in Blood Clinic for our patients on weekday mornings from 8am to 10am Monday to Friday.

Please ensure that you meet the following criteria or we will not be able to take your blood:

  • Patients must be aged 16 and over
  • The test must have been requested by your GP or the hospital, in which case you’ll need to bring in the form that you’ve been given.

It’s always easier to take blood from well hydrated patients so please have a drink before you come to the surgery or bring water with you.

Due to the laboratory timetable, please note that INR blood tests cannot be completed on Fridays.

These clinics are well attended and at busy times there might be a wait before you are seen.

These sessions are designed to be quick walk in clinics, if you know you’re likely to need a longer appointment, perhaps because you’ve experienced difficulty giving a blood sample in the past, or would prefer one, then please call to book a timed appointment.